Deerfield Farmer's Market Ceasing Activities
Jan. 10th 2015
Deerfield Farmer's Market - Deerfield, NH

Deerfield Farmer's Market Ceasing Activities
Deerfield Farmer's Market

The Deerfield Farmer's Market Committee is disbanding, and will not be organizing the summer market. The market had a 10-year run, and we hope we provided good food and good memories to customers from Deerfield and surrounding towns.

We particularly wish to thank our very supportive Sponsors that have been stalwart patrons of the Deerfield Farmer's Market. Several sponsors have been behind the scenes supporting the market over the whole 10 year run.

Please support these local sponsors going forward, and thank them for their encouragement of town activities like the Farmer's Market.

The Committee would also like to thank our many vendors who came to the market and set up tents and sold their wares to customers. It is hard work, and we thank the vendors who have supported the market.

Lastly the Committee wishes to thank the customers who came to the market, patronized our vendors, and were able to purchase local produce and crafts over the years. We hope they will remember the Farmer's Market fondly.

If there is interest in continuing an organization like the Deerfield Farmer's Market, new people are encouraged to contact Hillary Minerd, at hillary.h.thomas@gmail.com .

Thank you,
The Deerfield Farmerís Market Committee:
Dotti Perkins
Bob Palmer
Peter Menard
Hillary Minerd
Alden Dill

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